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I know it's crazy, but it's awesome to me; I've got seven kids and for as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around those perfectly imperfect humans. So here I am, owner of Mama4Seven Creations, there was no other option than to name my business after the most significant part of my life. However, like life tends to do, it threw my family and I a curveball; my foster-son joined our clan so who knows, maybe it'll soon be 'Mama4Seven+1' or even 'mama4eight creations' - we never truly know where we'll end up! I like to tell everyone that my kids are my greatest creations, but here you'll find some other cool creations of mine too! Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!

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    My friends had told me to try this and I'm glad I listened to them. It worked wonders and my dark spots were gone and it's awesome!